Autism Research at NECC


"NECC does a lot of research, and what they use is scientifically based.  That's what's important for me.  There are a lot of treatments out there, but they put a lot of time into having a staff that collects data and looks at what works.  That's important."

-Renee, NECC parent

How do children with autism or related disorders learn new things? What are the best practices and methods for facilitating learning? Why do challenging behaviors occur and how can appropriate behaviors be taught to replace them? How can practical living skills, such as cooking meals or handling minor household chores, be taught to these children so that they can achieve a new level of independence and a better quality of life?

These are just a few of the questions that The New England Center for Children's research programs address. And, as an internationally recognized leader of autism research with three decades of experience behind us, it's our responsibility to make our findings known so that other professionals, as well as the families and loved ones of those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, can learn and benefit from them. NECC achieves this by publishing our autism research studies and presenting reports at various conferences around the world, as well as hosting visits from some of the most influential and accomplished professionals in our field.

Under the guidance of our Director of Research, Dr. Bill Ahearn, our research focuses on basic learning processes of children with autism, teaching techniques for children with severe learning problems, managing challenging behavior, communication training strategies, early intervention practices, and the generalization and maintenance of treatment gains. NECC, a recipient of the US Department of Education's National Award for Model Professional Development, conducts autism research that will readily translate into improvements in educational and clinical strategies for our students, assuring that they receive best-practice services.

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