Student Life

Throughout the year, students at NECC can be seen participating in a variety of activites from student council to music enrichment.  This is an integral part of our program that encourages our students to interact with their peers while promoting different social and communication skills.  The New England Center for Children begins each school year with a student election, in which an exciting campaign race follows with a vote by the entire student body.  The rest of the year is followed by many activities in which students help to plan the Costume Ball and Spring Prom.  When asked about their favorite activities, this is what some students had to say:

  • "My favorite thing to do at school is go swimming because I like to do cannon balls." - NECC Day Student
  • "I like to go on field trips with my friends." NECC Day Student
  • "My favorite things to do are swimming, bowling, student council meetings, movie hour, and field trips.  I love it because we have alot of options and fun." - NECC Residential Student
  • "I like music days with my friends because I like to sing and dance."- NECC Residential Student
  • "I like going on field trips to different places like the aquarium."- NECC Residential Student

The Student Council, along with the help of the Administrative Advisor, begin to plan the events and activities to take place for the upcoming year every Fall.  

The Student Council at NECC is comprised of a Class President, Class Vice President, Class Secretary, and Class Treasurer as well as Student Ambassadors.  The Student Council meets regularly throughout the year, and all students are invited to attend.  Meetings consist of planning for upcoming student events such as the Spring Prom or holding a vote for the next movie hour.  Students also participate by helping to make artwork for the school and upcoming events such as the Staff Appreciation Dinner. Every Fall, an election takes place for the next Student Council Officers.  Students prepare with a week's worth of campaigning followed by a speech in front of their fellow students, teachers and administration on why they feel they are best fit for the job.  This is a fun and exciting time of the year for both students and teachers.  For pictures from different student council meetings and events over the past year click the link above.  The Student Council Officers for 2014-2015 are:


          Gabby- Class President     Renee- Class Vice President      Evan- Class Secretary          Jeremy- Class Treasurer


Besides the Student Council, NECC students are involved in many other activities throughout the year.  Some of these events are listed below.  For a more detailed description and pictures from these events, click the event title.

5K Walk Run

School Dances

Talent Show

Field Day

Holiday Party

Other events that occur regularly include:

  • Tuesday Evening Bowling
  • Recreational Swimming
  • Classroom or Team Specific Outings
  • Movie Hour
  • Student of the Month