Student Garden Club Harvests First Crop

The students in the NECC Garden Club have been diligently tending to their Community Garden at Breakneck Hill Farm in Southborough. Their efforts are paying off with an abundance of fresh produce!
With a desire to form a "social interest group" that would provide a sense of membership, belonging, and responsibility, the student council surveyed activities students would be interested in engaging in on a regular basis. Several students expressed their interests in planting and gardening. NECC approached the local Southborough Community Garden, and was donated a plot for our students to grow and tend to their produce. The Garden Club was formed with a specific group of students who have a genuine interest and goal to see their garden grow! The garden is located at Break Neck Hill Farm and the students tend to their plants six days a week. The students and teachers are having a lot of fun with this activity and enjoying the beautiful summer weather outdoors. We hope to continue to grow our pumpkins and use them to decorate the annual Halloween Costume Ball!

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