Though many know him as the former Governor of Massachusetts or a former U.S. Presidential Nominee, here at NECC, we know Michael S. Dukakis as our tireless advocate, a member of our Board of Directors, the co-chair of two NECC capital campaigns, and a lifelong friend. Michael and Kitty have been an integral part of NECC's success for many years, and are fervently committed to our mission to transform the lives of children with autism worldwide. In keeping with their dedication to our organization, Michael and Kitty have decided to share Michael's 80th birthday with NECC, and will donate all proceeds from this event to NECC's Annual Fund.

This epic celebration will be held at Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on Friday November 1, 2013. The event will feature a reception and dinner, a word from our keynote speaker George Stephanopoulos, and a host of birthday surprises. Please see the event website (www.theduke2013.org) for more information on how you can join the party!