Consultation Services

Our BCBA® Consultants, work collaboratively with schools to build the skills and expertise within your district.  Consultants work with teams serving students in a range of placements, from full inclusion to self-contained special education programs.  For preschool-aged students through adults, consultants focus on generating effective solutions to improve student progress, reduce challenging behaviors, and increase independence.

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Partner Program Classrooms

A model ABA classroom, the Partner Program model was developed in collaboration with a public school in 1997 and has grown to include 27 classrooms in 20 districts across 4 states.  The Partner Program enables districts to provide a level of service similar to that found in out-of-district placements, while allowing students to be included in their community school.  Through this model, NECC provides:

  • Full-time certified special educator
  • Weekly consultation from a BCBA
  • Initial and ongoing professional development for school paraprofessionals affiliated with the classroom
  • Full complement of educational programming through the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia® (ACE®) including assessments, curriculum and progress monitoring tools.


Our BCBA Consultants focus on building staff skill sets and classroom systems to increase knowledge and capacity, allowing you to serve students more effectively now and in the future.

  • Short-term and ongoing consultation to individual students, classrooms or programs
  • Evaluation of existing clinical-educational programming for individual students or programs
  • District-wide evaluation and systems consultation

Professional Development

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CALM is a medically-evaluated physical intervention program developed by NECC focusing on de-escalation and the safety of students and staff.  CALM procedures are not intended to be used as a behavior intervention program or to reduce challenging behaviors.  CALM was developed specifically for professionals working with students over the age of 5 and diagnosed with autism or related disorders.

Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE)

The ACE is a comprehensive educational system for learners with autism, developed by The New England Center for Children.  A complete web-based educational tool kit, the ACE includes student assessment tools, over 1,700 lesson plans, and online progress monitoring systems.  For more information about the ACE, please click here.