What Our Staff Are Saying

NECC is an employer of select professionals who are highly motivated, extremely qualified, and unwaveringly dedicated to providing the best education and care for children with autism spectrum disorders. They share a belief in the importance of their work and know that there is no better place to make a difference than NECC.

Here's what some staff members have said about NECC: 

Allison Castile has started her fourth year working at the Center and has already held several coordinator positions and has also graduated wtih a Masters of ABA; receiving her BCBA in May of 2011... "A college professor suggested I look into NECC for graduate school, as he thought it would be a good fit for exactly what I was looking for: a program that was heavily research based but also allowed me to expand my clinical background.  My experience at the center has been beyond my expectations, the educational programs combined with the on-the-floor job experience has helped me accomplish so many of my goals, and allows me to challenge myself to meet future goals.  There is always an opportunity to gain experience in something new, whether it be educationally, professionally, or clinically.  The positive and supportive atmosphere makes it a great environment to be a part of." 

Justin Bashaw was a great addition to the NECC teaching staff in the Fall of 2005. Since his start at NECC he has graduated with a MSEd through Simmons College and has played an active role developing students' IEPs as an Educational Coordinator... "I chose to begin my teaching career at NECC because I was determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Teaching at NECC has given me the opportunity to help individuals with autism reach their personal goals and maximize their overall independence.  My experiences here have advanced my knowledge, improved my skill sets and increased my confidence as an educator.  One of the reasons I enjoy working at NECC is because it's challenging and rewarding.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I'm proud to say I'm a special education teacher at The New England Center for Children."

Utah Nickel has held many different positions since his career started at the center in 2000.  During his time here, he has moved from being a teacher, to coordinator, onto a program specialist, and then to his current position as a curriculum coordinator for the ACE, where he is able to utilize all of his acquired skills and knowledge from his previous positions and from his schooling where he obtained a Masters of ABA through Northeastern University... "During my employment at The New England Center for Children, I have had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the development opportunities the school provides our students, students' families and our staff.  New to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, I was taught valuable skills needed to make a positive change.  As a teacher and specialist, I was part of and witness to the progress our students made relative to skill independence and social behavior.  I saw how their progress not only imporved the lives of our students, but also those of their families.  Now, through my work with the Autism Curriculm Encyclopedia (ACE), it has been very exciting to see the number of students we have reached increase through the ACE application."

Angelina Corazzini began her career at NECC as an intern from Bridgewater State University and formaly started as a Level 2 Teacher in the Summer of 2008.  Currently Angelina is a teacher and a case manager on the Day Team and is in her final year of graduate school through Simmons College... " I chose to work at NECC because of the ongoing support and technology that it provides to both students and staff.  Through working at the Center I have learned to be both a team leader and a team player.  The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing a smile on a student's face when he or she finally grasps a concept after working day in and day out on that same objective.  Sharing that simple moment gives me a feeling of fulfillment and gratification beyond words and supports my career decision as a Special Education Teacher."

Jermaine Henderson is a recent graduate of the University of Maine and started working at NECC right after graduation.  Jermaine started as a Level 1 Teacher and has been promoted into a Level 2 position this past year along with starting the graduate program through Simmons College... "NECC has given me the opportunity to overcome challenging situations.  I have gotten to work with all age groups, develop new skills, and most importantly NECC has made a huge impact with me being a leader and a role model.  there are so many career building opportunities at the center, and being able to take advantage of that is simply amazing.  Teaching at The New England Center for Children has immersed me in a great working atmosphere; working together with several teachers to come up with a specific plan in order to reach our students' goals.  Our goal is to open doors for our students and their families, and we do that by working together as a team."

Employee Statistics

NECC embraces the value of having a staff with diverse backgrounds and varying life experiences. Of approximately 800 employees:

  • 24% are male, 76% are female
  • 9% of our employees are African-American
  • 4% of our employees are Hispanic
  • 5% of our employees are Asian
  • 82% of our employees are White

Our staff also includes representatives from over 20 countries outside the US, covering five continents. In terms of higher education, 243 undergraduate colleges are represented by our staff.

Of our administrative staff: 

  • 65% began their employment at NECC as a teacher, overnight professional or intern, resulting in great longevity at the administrative level:

  • 44% have 0-5 years of service
    28% have 6-10 years of service
    14% have 11-15 years of service
    8% have 16-20 years of service
    7% have over 20 years of service
  • 58% of our administrators completed their master's or other degree through NECC tuition support or in an on-site program.