Working With Children With Autism

There is perhaps no greater feeling of accomplishment that any individual can experience than the knowledge that they've made a truly positive difference in the life of another person.  At NECC, the opportunity to improve the lives of children with autism is something that is encountered each and every day.

"As a newly graduated psychology major from a top rated liberal arts college, I was unsure of which path to take to insure that I could make the best impact in the lives of autistic children.  A college recruiter came to my campus and presented NECC as a potential employer. NECC's outstanding professional development opportunities caught my eye: exceptional training in the field of ABA, onsite graduate studies in ABA or special education at a significantly reduced cost, top notch supervision by expert researchers in the field of ABA.  I knew I had found the right place to make a difference while gaining the best experience in services for autistic children, teens and adults. "

                                                                                                      ~ Current Teacher

Working at NECC is challenging: success is attained when one is achievement-oriented, highly motivated, and completely focused on creating a lifelong career in special education and behavioral psychology (ABA).  Not everyone is ready to commit to the discipline and professional focus that is required, but if you are up to the challenge, a future of unparalleled potential awaits you.

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