Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition for NECC?

Tuition rates for students from Massachusetts are set by the Operational Services Division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Information on the tuition rates can be found on the OSD website.

If I do not have a referral from the school system, can I still begin the admission process?

Parents who are interested in NECC can begin the admission process by completing the application and submitting the support documentation. Should an intake be recommended, NECC will communicate to the school system that an intake has been scheduled at the parents' request. A child cannot be designated as a potential candidate for admission until funding is secured. Tuition for most students is covered by their local school districts; however, some parents have chosen to pay for the tuition privately.

Do you have immediate openings?

Our admission process is lengthy and comprehensive in order to ensure that our program is a proper fit for each child. Openings can generally be predicted months in advance, and students who have completed the process have generally been identified for specific upcoming vacancies.

Do you have any crisis beds?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to serve as an in-patient crisis facility. Our Consulting Department can be contacted to work with families and school systems to assess and make recommendations for students in crisis.

Do you accept insurance as a payment method for tuition?

We are not 3rd party billable, and do not accept insurance as part of tuition. Most of the students have their tuition paid by one or more of the following entities: local school district, state department of education, social service agency, and private individuals. NECC does not have endowments or scholarships to assist with tuition costs.

How often do openings occur?

Admission to all NECC programs can occur at any time during the calendar year. It is most likely that admission to the day services programs occurs during the late summer, in conjunction with the beginning of a new school year.

Do you have a waiting list/how long is your waiting list?

NECC does not maintain a waiting list. Every student is matched to a potential opening. If we do not anticipate that an opening will be available in a 12- to18-month period, a referral is not considered a potential candidate and families and school systems are encouraged to consider other options.

Once my child is considered as a potential candidate, how long will it be before
he/she will be admitted?

NECC considers a child as a potential candidate if they have completed the admission process, been determined to be a good match, and we have predicted availability in the next 12-18 months. This is not a guarantee that any child will be admitted within that time frame. Because student profiles can change over time, NECC may ask to re-evaluate any potential candidate that has not been admitted within a 12-month time frame.

I live too far away to bring my child for an intake, can my child still be
considered for admission?

For families who live a great distance from the school, a videotape of the child can be submitted as part of the application and support documentation. Should the process continue to the intake, parents must visit the school, and NECC staff must meet the child in person. If the child is unable to make the trip to NECC, arrangements can be made for the child to be seen in their local setting.

Do you have a question for the admissions department?

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