What is NECC's Admission Process?

NECC has developed an admission process that is designed to be informative for parents/legal guardians while providing the information necessary to determine whether NECC can meet the needs of their child. The process involves the steps of Referral, Intake Screening, and Determination.


Student With TeacherThe initial referral is the first step in discovering whether NECC is the proper fit for a child. To initiate a referral, parents and/or school systems must contact NECC either by telephone or mail and express their interest in having their child admitted. Preliminary information about the child is collected as part of an initial screening. In addition, parents are informed about NECC's philosophy, treatment approach and educational services. At this point, either the parents or NECC may decide not to continue.

If it is determined that a child is a possible candidate, the parent and/or school system is then required to provide a Student Information Packet including a completed NECC Application. This information will be reviewed by the Admissions Department. Student Information Packets must contain:

  • A current IEP
  • The most recent IEP progress report
  • Copies of most recent assessments (medical, communication, psychological)
  • Diagnostic report
  • Application
  • Immunization record & last physical
  • For residential students, a copy of the applicants health insurance card

In certain cases, NECC may also require an OT/PT Assessment and, for any child receiving behavioral medications, a medication history from the prescribing psychiatrist.

Intake Screening

Student With TeacherIf, after review of the Student Information Packet and NECC Application, it is determined that the child might be a potential candidate, an appointment will be made for an intake assessment with the family and/or referral source. Both parents, regardless of marital status, are required to attend the intake appointment. Extenuating circumstances preventing a parent from attending may be discussed on an individual basis.

Typically, intake screenings are scheduled for one to two hours and take place at NECC's Southborough campus. During the assessment, NECC staff evaluates the child while the parents meet with a member of the Admissions Department. The educational, leisure, recreational, vocational and behavioral services available to all students are discussed. In addition, the consultative model of speech/language, OT and PT services, NECC's use of Applied Behavior Analysis and other specific school policies are outlined. A representative from NECC's Health Services Department is available to obtain a health history, describe NECC's medical model and for residential students, describe the required transfer of all health care monitoring to NECC's medical team. Parents are also offered the opportunity to meet with NECC's CEO and Founder and/or member of the Executive Committee.


After reviewing all information collected during the Initial Referral and Intake Screening, a recommendation to accept or decline a candidate for admission is made to NECC's Executive Committee. We understand that parents and/or referral sources may be anxious to receive word of a final admission decision and, therefore, NECC makes every effort to provide both verbal and written notification as soon as possible. In some cases though, it may take up to three to six weeks before the final decision is made and notification is delivered.

If a child is determined to be a potential candidate and is accepted for admission, families need to be aware that it can take up to a year from the acceptance date before a student is actually admitted into a program. Student admission is based on available placement into what has been determined to be the child's most appropriate group at the school, not on any numerical standing on the list of potential candidates.

How Can I Get the Process Started?

Submit the admissions inquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your child in more detail.