Our Team

Senior Administrators


Assistant Directors

Senior Administration

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Vincent Strully, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Katherine E. Foster, MEd.

Chief Development Officer

RoseAnn Lovely, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Michael S. Downey, CPA, MBA

Director of Administration

Judy Cunniff Serio, MEd., MBA 

Director of Admissions

Bethany McCann, Esq., MSEd

Director of Social Services

Richard  W. Martin, MSW, LICSW

Director of Human Resources

R. Scott Barnes, MEd., SPHR 

Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Kyla McHaffie, MS, BCBA 

Chief Program Officer

Susan Langer, MA, BCBA

Clinical Director

Rick Graff, PhD, BCBA-D

Chief Information Officer

 Brian D. Medeiros



Senior Program Director

Becky MacDonald, PhD, BCBA-D

Intensive Instruction Program (IIP) and Home Based Services

Kimberly Keogh, MSEd, BCBA

Residential Program

Sorrel Ryan, MSEd, BCBA 

Residential Program

Jessica Sassi, PhD., BCBA-D

Residential Program

Tracey Toran, MS, BCBA

Residential Program

Stacie Bancroft, PhD, BCBA-D

Staff Intensive Program

Heather Morrison, MS, BCBA

Adult Services & Vocational Services

Julie S. Weiss, MSEd, BCBA 

Public School Services

Amy Geckeler, MS, BCBA

Chief Clinical Officer - Abu Dhabi

Daniel Gould, PhD, BCBA-D 

Program Director - Abu Dhabi

Pamela Olsen, MSEd, BCBA

Chief Operating Officer - Abu Dhabi

Cathy Welch, MEd

Professional Development

Allen J. Karsina, PhD, BCBA-D

Speech & Language Services

Beth Bellone, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA


Cammarie Johnson, MA, LMHC, BCBA


William H. Ahearn, PhD, BCBA-D

Health Services

Joanne Perry, MSN, PNP

Occupational Therapy, PT & APE

Kristen Sidman, MEd, MS, OTR/L

Boston Project

Magda Stropnik, PhD, BCBA-D

Residential Services

Shawn O'Brien


Shawn Murphy

Food Services

Vincent Cuticchia

Information Services

Mark Doten

Day Care

Erin Carmody, MS

Employee Assistance Program

Mindy Wilensky, MA, LMHC, CEAP

The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE)

Renee Mansfield, MA, BCBA  

Director of ACE Distribution and Services

Frank Ciccone, MA, MS, BCBA 

Director of Ace Marketing and Communications

Steven Tower 

Donor Relations

Joe Ziska 


Associate & Assistant Directors

Assistant Director - Clinical

Jason Bourret, PhD, BCBA-D

Assistant Director - Research

Eileen Roscoe, PhD, BCBA-D

Assistant Director - Graduate Studies

Ellen Graham, MA, CAGS

Associate Director - Public School Services

Nicole Gardenier, MS, BCBA

Assistant Director - Human Resources

 Rachel McGrath, PHR

Assistant Director - Recruiting and Hiring

 Linda Donahue, MSEd

Associate Director - Specialty Health Services

Carol Mitchell-Boudreau, FNP-BC, MSN, MCP

Assistant Director  - ACE  Research

Chata Dickson, PhD, BCBA-D

Assistant Director - IIP

Nancy Errera, MS, BCBA

Assistant Director - Staff Intensive Program

Jon Seaver, MS, BCBA

Assistant Director - Staff Intensive Program

Maureen Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D

Assistant Director - Public School Services

Maureen Cary, MSEd, BCBA

Assistant Director - Public School Services

Christine Morse, MS, BCBA

Assistant Director - Home Based 

Diana Parry-Cruwys, PhD, BCBA-D

Assistant Director - ACE Development

Utah Nickel

Assistant Director - Day Care

Jill Walker